Atlas of Idealized Women/2016-2018 157  archival quality prints /various dimentions AP 3 +1 Ed.
 “Atlas of Idealized Women” is a performative photography project focuses on Turkish female stereotypes. I masqueraded as women from Turkish society, manipulated my appearance with make up, costumes, gestures and posed as different women for the camera and tried to explore the effects of “camera presence” in self-representation and the investigate the notion of identity and embodied subjectivity.  By posing for the camera and trying to look as different woman every time my intention was introduce crises to the idea of a whole and integral identity.
     In Turkey, women became symbols of ideological and cultural differences such as Western-Eastern, modern-conservative, educated-ignorant, secular-religious, peasant-citydweller. In these days, people of my country feel divided according to their cultural and  political  views and identities. But we need to find a new way to think about identity beyond dualist concepts. “Atlas of Idealized Women” is a way of thinking about cultural aspects of it and asking some questions: Is the female body a passive medium on which cultural meanings are imprinted?   “If that’s true and bodies and identities are socially constructed may we have a chance to be a different human being or are we stuck in who we think we are?
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