‘Dancing in the Mirror’ (After Şeref Akdik), 2011,  HD Data Video, 00:45 min loop,3+1 Edition   
     This video work grew out of a fantasy , questioning ‘what would happen if a women who presented  herself all period of time, suddenly came into being trying to get rid of that attributed role?
    ’'Dancing in the Mirror’'  video work influenced by Şeref Akdik’s painting titled ’'The Woman With The Dog In Front Of The Mirror” from 1930s, where a bourgeoisie woman stands  in front of the closet with her dog and high-heeled shoes, wearing a fancy dress and a hat. The painting is important because shows very detailed image of  bourgeoisie woman in that period of time.  But, she seems stuck and unhappy in a way. The fact that she suddenly starts moving and dancing while throwing away her gloves is a dialogue that I created in reaction to that pose.
     “Dancing in the mirror” shown in “Impenitent / Istanbul”, Ark Kultur, İstanbul Turkey in 2016 and Epic Seduction  Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey in 2011

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