"True story" is a series in which I explore the relationship between representation and story, around five young women who live in Istanbul. The women situate themselves before the camera in their homes; they allow gaze of the camera, the photographer and the viewer to turn to them. These photographs promise to offer a visuality pertaining to private sphere of these five women, to their relationships with members with members of their lives, and to their lives per se.
    The women who posed for series- Banu, Elçin, Meral, Sena and myself- are naturally at different points in their lives. Diverse adjectives may be used in various combinations for all of us. In the end, when we look at the photographs all at once, can we say that these images create a representation pertaining to the life or character of that person?
“True Story” shown in “Close Quarters”,  The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, TR in 2013
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